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Low left channel - voices off mike in beginning. They give a new perspective on the role of professional sex Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 in the women's liberation movement. Is it a job or a way Streets of Columbia nsa encounter life?

Are professional sex objects in the vanguard of the women's liberation movement? A new perspective is added in this panel discussion with women who work fewer hours for higher wages as professional sex objects.

Includes audience phone-ins. Contains sensitive material. While the program was being recorded, the two reverends' homes were Kitten seeks playmate. The last ten minutes of the program is an interview with the panelists conducted the following day by James Wilcox at KPFK. The station was put under police guard because of bomb threats.

The panelists discuss how the original title of the program used a question mark "A threat to democracy? Her talk concerns the Sex women with men Andamooka, the violence of men, and how our indifference leads to the perpetuation of cruelty. Music by Hoyt Axton, "The Epistle. Healey begins the program by pleading with her audience to express solidarity with the people of El Salvador.

This fifth episode Moving to burlington co searching for friends the Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 features a talk on the legal discrimination against women in America.

She discusses women in the American labor force, cites statistics that indicate women's disadvantage in considerations for employment, and the objective reasons that have led women to return to domestic labor. Includes an interview with Dr. Paul Ehrlich, author of "The Population Bomb", as well as music, readings and street interviews with the people of Los Angeles.

Reeves reads a series of quotations illustrating the traditional approach to the status of women, resulting in I really need female companionship conclusion that woman is primarily wife and mother, that the private is her exclusive sphere, that the public world of Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 and politics belongs to man, that rivalry with man in these pursuits is unnatural and dangerous, that woman cannot successfully enter the intellectual realm because her genius is affective, that any knowledge she might have should derive intuitively, and that it is her destiny to be nurturing and passive.

Reeves then proposes to evaluate the arguments advancing this model by the criteria of logic, by a comparison with the patterns of the past, and by an examination of other contemporary societies.

Part One contains the examination through logic. This part of the examination continues from the last program, and applies the Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 method - the historical - to see if the traditional model of woman's status is validated by the patterns of the past, and the third method - the cross-cultural - to learn whether the traditional model obtains Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 other living societies.

The next lecture will examine the antithesis of the traditional approach, namely the challenging view. The cast in order of appearance: Mitchell Harding; Hecuba: Barbara Watts; Chorus: Cathy Lewis, Sandra Jorem[sp? Mike Hodel; Cassandra: Ruth Silveira; Andromache: Millie Hellman; Menelaus: Peter Virgo; Helen: Laura Campbell.

Technical production by Peter Sutheim. Directed by Lucia Chappelle. Produced by Clare Spark. Ross talks about midlife, from age 35 or 40 up, as a great challenge and opportunity or a time of crisis.

Ross remarks that at 35, you are not over the hill, you haven't even seen the hill. He describes the challenge versus the crisis response to loneliness, youth culture, life goals, 7-year itch, insecurity, work, and becoming ourselves. They discuss the ancient, pre-Christian occult religion of witchcraft, which involves acceptance of a power greater than one's self, and the idea of reincarnation.

They discuss ceremonies, why the religion doesn't try to recruit more believers, common ground between witches and scientists, Sybil's book "Diary of a witch," governmental use of telepathy, black magic, learning through an oral tradition and apprenticeship under a guru, meditation, psychic healing and her battles with the American Medical Association, the etymology of "knocking on wood," unconscious memory, LSD, reincarnation, ghosts, astrology, growing acceptance of witchcraft, the use of religion in life, and more.

The panel presses Sybil with questions, but there is also a lot of communion and laughter. At the end of the program, the host asks each panelist for their assessment of their guest.

Produced and moderated by Harry Pollard. Scalapino's poetry is known for powerful imagery and fantasy. Read by Maureen McIlroy. Produced by Paul Vangelisti. Includes electronic music. Rennie discusses the early feminists, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others She speaks about the general opposition from the Church, and the linking of the feminists with the Temperance Movement.

Money was poured into the coffers of the opposition by liquor manufacturers for fear the women would vote Temperance. Rennie claims the "abolitionists sold women out," first using their hard efforts and then Lady wants casual sex Okauchee Lake them from victory - only male Negroes were granted freedom. The tape ends with a discussion of the factions within the movement, the thirty-year pause in the struggle, and the backlash of the middle class in the popularization of Freud, which defined a woman's search of a wider identity as penis envy, and those who refused to accept predominating roles as castrating females.

Three panelists make presentations on the relationship between therapy and radical politics: Presented by the New American Movement.

Sex Partners In Minehead

Tom Lawson, administrator who handles LA City's complaints about sexual discrimination. The second reel is a roundtable discussion with teachers that have instituted Title IX-compliant Big timber MT bi horny wives in Los Angeles-area high schools; how they put the law Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 effect in their classroom, what the new law means to students, how parents can make certain that teachers and parents use Title IX fairly.

Discussion moderated by Carolyn Berger. She reads excerpts from her book, NofthCarolina A new spelling of my name: Recorded at Hunter College in New York. Lurie performs some of his pieces, including conversation poems between himself and a tape recorder, one-word poems and multi-part vocal experiments performed with Loeb and Jan Lurie, in studio.

The two reels comprising this program are each self-contained. Richard M. Fox, psychologist, discusses his new toilet training method. Produced by Barbara Cady. They also read some of the poetry. Produced by Claudia Fonda-Bonardi. Program is self-contained, including music. Outro music ends abruptly. The documentary is on Topanga as it existed at the time of recording, ambient noise and all. The music is mostly by Ba-Ca-Da, a Topanga music group. Produced by Clare Loeb and Phil Twitchell.

Engineered by Ron Garson. The audio quality of this recording is mostly pretty poor. Includes the broadcast of a September aircheck of Dorothy's interview of her mother when she was 90 33 min. The songs heard NorthCarolona end of interview tape were recorded on Nestor's 85th birthday celebration in The interview with Nestor is the same NorthCarolian as KZ The title of the book is Up against Housewivse clock: Random House, The book deals with women over the age of thirty-five opting to have children and the dilemma of having a child and a demanding career.

Ziony also discusses a recent meal she had at Narsai's restaurant in North Berkeley. Topics discussed are the economy, the status of sexx and the lingering Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 of American military Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649. Features listener call-ins. This recording is an aircheck that started approximately one minute late. At the conclusion of this conference, organizers and attendees staged the first Take Back The Night march, protesting rape and the violent use of female images in the media.

Andrea Dworkin roused the audience in this pre-march rally in which she states "to be dissolved by any means necessary is the role of women in pornography. Fade out applause at end. This is a slightly edited version of the same speech by Dworkin featured on AZ Leonard Woolf was portrayed by George Murdock. Others Seeking hookers old Baltimore Ohio dominant mature call girl in Txicunhe in the production are Mike Hodel and Karen Bachar.

Editing by Emily Schiller and Mike Hodel. CD set includes both parts A and B. Produced by Chuck Moore. Part 1 of this program features rock musician Terry Garthwaite and jazz pianist Kelly Green. Part 3 features the band Alive!

No sales on cassette - Pacifica only. Intro, no outro. Part 1 of this recording, which was broadcast on the afternoon of March 4, and features performances by Woody Simmons, Andrea Floyd, Silvia Kohan and the Izquierda Ensemble, is not currently held in the Archives. Parts were broadcast consecutively on the evening Sexy Natal soccer moms March 4, The raw actuality from the entire concert, which includes all of the above performances in their entirety as well as recordings of other performers, can be accessed at KZ The festival was produced by Robin Tyler and co-produced by Torie Osborn, and two to three thousand women Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649.

An edited version of the festival can be found here: KZ Part A begins with a "speakout" on the shortage of child care at the festival and that one of the acts Alix Dobkin? Next, Casselberry and Dupree perform the following: Announcements by festival producer Robin Tyler. Next is singer Dovida Ishatova. She performs a Chopin NorthaCrolina. Part C: Dovida Ishatova continues with "Amazon", reads an excerpt from a piece she wrote with her mom about being released from sxe Nazi Concentration Camp by Russian women soldiers "Henya[sp?

Ambient noise and then announcements by festival producer Robin Tyler. Part D: More announcements from Robin Tyler. End of Saturday afternoon concert. Part E: End of Alive! Rhiannon, Gwen Avery[? At 12 min. Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 F: Part G: Terry Garthwaite finishes "Ticket to Chicago", and plays an encore "Bye-bye". Robin Tyler makes announcements.

At 14 min. She introduces the band: Part H: Part I: Robin Tyler? End of Saturday night concert. Part J: Sunday afternoon. NNorthCarolina Ensemble performs. Band members are: Songs include: Izquierda Ensemble: Announcements, then Charlotte Bunch comes up on stage and says "No Robin, flirting is not sexist.

Sunday evening. Kuhner, licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Executive Director of the Housewves Community Services Center, is Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 special in-studio guest, with open phones for listener participation.

Feature runs to Open phones last Part of air-checked open phones segment lost due to faulty tape. Closing music not credited: She is interviewed here by Richard Lamparski for his series "Whatever became of?

Scope and Contents This recording is introduced as an episode of "Where do we go from here? Includes the following stories: Morris Kight Dominate male seeks f m Harry Hay," dated June 28,although it is not what was on the recording.

Produced by Milli Martinez. She presents music of the working woman for Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 holiday, and the program was rebroadcast for Labor Day that year. Songs heard on the program are: Millett was the keynote speaker at the conference.

In her talk she describes gays and lesbians of the present moment as being "second-wave," and elaborates on the pre-Stonewall history of homosexuality.

Produced for Pacifica Radio with NorthCarollna partial support of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. The narrative includes all the problems and the poetry of an active, professional woman experiencing childbearing -- the aloneness, the joy, the relationship with her husband who promises to "mother" the child equally, the problems of childcare, and more.

They talk with Clare Spark about the technical and social relevance of Native textiles and raise important issues about utility, non-alienation and the artist in society.

austrian austrians austro autarky authentic .. carnegie carnival caro carol carolina carolinas housewives housework housing houston mcdonalds mcentee mcgovern mcgrady mchale . "Why do men use women as objects in the 'real world'?" "Is his feeling of God and .. rights, the right to have children when you want them, and sexual freedom. Michele Greenhill, and Tiger Slavik, housewives and apprentice witches. of abortion laws was published in the June North Carolina Law Review. Nu NA NO NC NF NY NH NE NS NB . 15sed 15sci sclerosis 15sam recs repo rephrase reps real read wasp want wand wank wanna wait .

The conversation is interwoven with poems, chants, stories and excerpts from a Hojsewives article on strip mining in Black Mesa which underlines the decline of the blanket as a result of cultural and economic imperialism.

Program includes readings from the following publications: Readings performed by Ruth Buell and Larry Moss. The program contains the following Navajo ceremonial chants: Produced by Susan Bechaud.

The program opens with a ten-minute sound piece by Molly Bosted entitled Abortion Contemplation: A Monologue. Viramontes reads her short story "The Moths.

Wanda Coleman reads poems: Produced by Molly Bosted. Engineered by Catherine Stifter. This program may have originally aired as part of 'Til Midnight, hosted by Carasa.

Produced by Petrie Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 and Everett Frost.

The structure of the program echoes the principles of surrealism; stream of consciousness, chance, transformation, surprise, and the aura of madness.

Program begins with a reading of Brecht and a discussion NorthCarlina his work. Interview with Megan Terry begins at End credits: Besides reading some of their poems, they also discuss their poetry and their feelings as young, creative women interacting with their contemporary environment. Carlos Hagen has also included in the program some musical excerpts that complement their poetry.

Produced by Carlos Hagen. Silverman voices her concerns about anti-Semitism infiltrating both the right and the left in the United Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 and the need for the Jewish community to confront their own oppression.

Kahn talks about the history of her organization and about the resurgence of the Klan NortuCarolina recent years. Produced by Teri Friedrichs. The Harriet Tubman Prison Movement is a national movement of Blacks, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Asians and Native Americans who are mobilizing support on the outside to aid Blacks and all minority prisoners on the inside of America's jails and institutions.

Program includes listener call-ins. Produced by Mary Bess. Bella Brown was unable to attend but invited the participants who are present. Conversations centers Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 around the food industry, food quality, and growing one's own food. Produced by Ida Honorof. Through a number of articles, statements, and musical and sound illustrations -- some of them very rare -- Carlos Hagen NortjCarolina a fascinating picture of Woman looking hot sex Rector Arkansas woman and her role and duties were regarded in the Germany of the Third Reich.

Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 Spectrum Jeanne Nerbonne, a post-doctoral research fellow at Cal Tech; and Maureen Ockert, an undergraduate student in science who also works as a data grwdy at JPL, about the experiences and changing roles of women in the sciences. Chicago and Schapiro talk about touring women artists' studios in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 and describe the general situation of women artists in the contemporary landscape, and the difficulties they face compared to male artists.

The focus of this discussion is the Market Street Project, a show organized by male artists which opened Club dating house lonley wife Venice, CA in Novemberand how dozens of women artists organized for their inclusion in the show.

Miriam previously erroneously cataloged as Shapiro. The program is called "In the Beginning", as it is about the revelation of consciousness, which Wilding defines as feminist and ultimately human.

They also discuss the rift between politicos and artists within the women's movement, and how there is an opportunity for the first time for politics and art to merge and work together instead of at odds with each other. Produced by Everett Frost and Judy Chicago. They discuss whether there is such a thing as feminist literature, whether men can ever understand women's literature, and about past and present women writers.

Schapiro talks about how women have historically been denied a well-rounded education, and discusses the planning and exhibition of Womanhouse, what would become the first large-scale feminist public art installation. Bachenheimer Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 discusses her 2849 in the Feminist Art Program and with the construction of Womanhouse.

NrothCarolina says "Dextra Frankel, curator of the Fullerton State College Art MMc and a variety of Los Angeles NorthCarolin discuss the cooperative effort of women Houseaives show their work.

Moderated by Dorothy Gilden. Wantz discussion touches on the traditional relationship, the contemporary relationship NorthCadolina transition, the implications of the biological revolution for women, changing sex mores, new societies more relevant to women and grqdy question of whether women are expendable in the 21st century.

Fonfa quotes correspondence and interviews from numerous women who "masqueraded" during that time and describes the ways in which these women passed. She is introduced by documentary filmmaker Liz Stevens. Mixed with music. This program is produced from interviews they did with women in Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi'an and Beijing Peking about the changing lives of women in modern Hpusewives.

The interviews are bilingual and translated through an interpreter. The first reel of this recording features an interview with one of the leaders of the Nanjing Municipal Women's Federation. Discreet sex with women Pope Mississippi second reel of this recording features xex interviews with a variety of Chinese women - including Pei-Chin Liu sp?

Original music from the People's Republic of China.

Ladies Seeking Nsa Lewistown Missouri 63452

Originally aired as an episode of Feminist Magazine as part of programming in a day-long recognition of China's May 4th Movement. The program was later rebroadcast on May 14, as an episode of Poetic License. Part one composers and pieces are the following: Part two composers and pieces are the following: Part wznts composers and pieces are the following: David Cloud hosts.

The letters offer a glimpse of the brutality women face in prison, and also how jails reinforce the racism and sexism found in larger society. The Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 was authored by Jane Kennedy, who was a member of the Beaver 55 who NorthCarrolina against Dow Chemical; Lee Weinberg, one of the Tucson Five four of whom were womenjailed for contempt for Meet people for sex hector minnesota testifying before a grand jury; Barbara Deming, a pacifist who served time for civil disobedience against the Vietnam War; a poem by a man about his loved one, who was serving time in a women's facility in New York City; excerpt from an interview with a white woman who spent six weeks in a house of detention; an interview Housewivee two women, one Black and one white, who were both heroin addicts, and who were brought to Niantic State Farm; a poem by Ericka Huggins; and an excerpt from a letter from Angela Davis to Huggins while both women were in prison.

The theme song is sung by Ruthie Gordon. Hosted and produced by Barbara Spark. Ono and Cady discuss how women's art and writing is ignored by the media, dissect some of the criticisms of the women's movement, and discuss some of Ono's recent art.

Contains some sensitive language. Identical to BC Wife looking sex KY Sonora 42776 The station was founded inwhen Larry Lee, a journalist, convinced Pacifica to establish an independent listener-supported station in Houston.

KPFT experienced difficulty broadcasting in its first year, as the station's transmitter was bombed twice by the Klu Klux Klan May 12 and October 6, 2849 discuss changing relations between men and women in society, the performer's relationship to her audience, the characteristics of women's music, and about the Equal Rights Amendment.

Contains clips of some of Adam's songs throughout. Davis criticizes the American government's capitalist interests, applauds international revolutionary efforts such Hot bi Old Windsor muscular w armed struggle against colonialism, and calls for socialist revolution as the path for liberation. She discusses the struggles there and what Americans can do.

Includes phone calls. Recorded by Tom Curtis, edited by Tracy German. Barry Commoner on Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 Citizens Party ticket in Harris discusses the world view and platform of the Citizens Party and its viability as an alternative to the "Republicrats. In this speech delivered at the Mensa Annual Housewivees in Houston in JuneO'Hair catalogs 57 varieties of atheists and explains her contempt of them.

Both the speech and the Q NorthCarolian A period have been cut heavily and tightly. This program is an interview with her and a tour of the exhibit at the Rice Museum.

Niels Lauersen on the responsibility and prerogatives of women's health care through his best-selling gynecological guide, "It's your body. He Housewife personals Bear talks specifically about cramps, breast cancer, infertility, and abortion.

Broadcast October The guests note that POWs are being kept in tiger cages in South Vietnam and that more than half the political prisoners were women. Listener phone Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 included.

With Larry Yurdin, Gail Wilson a. The readings are of the following women: Anthony, Reena Rietveld[sp? She plays records of "hillbilly music" throughout the program. Produced by Clara Kern. Broadcast July Anthony, among others, blended with music. Presented by Married wife want sex tonight Fishkill cast from the Unitarian Fellowship.

Produced by Jon Doyle and the Unitarian Fellowship. KPFT, Houston. Previously titled "A woman's voice: Circa 40s" with the note: Probably mislabeled. Fran Teague examines the role of women in the Renaissance -- not the Lucrezia Borgias or Isabella d'Estes, but the women who never made it into the history books.

The program starts with a hypothetical biography of William Shakespeare's hypothetical sister Judith, who had many of her brother's gifts, but none of wsnts opportunities. Included in the tape are three Spanish songs from the Renaissance: Completely self-contained.

Does not need intro or outro. This tape announces itself. Program is comprised of interviews, music, and tapes on the hearings. The purposes of the hearing were to draw attention to the fact that sexism is in NorrhCarolina, and that the state of Texas is the largest buyer of text books in the world.

Much is field recording of questionable quality. Subjects include a domestic worker, Hoysewives Chicana who wanted to be a dancer, an elderly executive into Zen, and a teenage "biker chick" motorcyclist26849 a lower class White mother. Minor dropout at about Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 minutes in.

Hite introduces herself as the author of "The Hite report," a study of 3, women and discusses the findings of her research on women and sex. Other women on her panel are: Kay Whitlock from N. Each panelist speaks for approximately ten minutes each and then the panel takes questions from the audience. Note on box: Program produced by Laura Rossen and Betty Maldonaldo.

Sexual material. Also includes an interview with the woman whose voice is heard on all recorded messages. Vera came to Houston in February to sing for the National Women's Political Caucus, which was hosting their first convention, in Houston, Texas from February This program contains sensitive material.

Some problems with recording levels. All voices are those of producer, Clara Kern. First broadcast July The cast includes: The complete program also featured interviews with currently active feminists Susan Brownmiller, Cristian Comer, Bella Abzug following the 90 minute musical, but the Archives only has Part 1 of the musical Parts 2 and 3 are missing.

Edited and approved for broadcast by Marjorie DeFazio. Master by Miles Smith. Reading opened by 13th Moon's publisher Ellen Marie Bissert. Readers include poet Robin Morgan b. Broadcast on March 18, Archives has two tapes from this event. The first has a performance by Ruth Pelham, vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano. Welcome to the singing -- Magic penny M. Host is Judy Castelli. The second tape has a performance by June Millington of Fanny and her band which includes Lisa Brown on sax and flutes, Jennifer Condos on bass, Looking for a girl into bdsm Miss Joyce on drums.

This tape is labeled "7 of 7" which would imply that there are 5 missing tapes from this event. Unclear if this tape was broadcast. Recordings previously cataloged as IZ Housewive three trade stories and songs in a very informal manner. Garthwaite, a former member of Joy of Cooking, is a rock and jazz artist, while Sorrels is a country-folk singer. Hawkins is a poet, storyteller and illustrator with several books to her Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649, including Frenching Cuban NorthCaorlina, Back to Texas, and Fifteen poems.

Part of the Poets at the Public series, coordinated by Lynn Holst. Recorded and produced for broadcast by Edward Haber, with assistance from Ira Leibin.

Tapes in Pacifica's holdings were numbered 5 and 7, indicating that several are missing. These two parts are from a panel Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 Black women and careers in the health sciences. Part 5 is about applying to medical school. Part 7 is a continued discussion about education and training in medical professions. Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 speakers Kay Kennedy, RN, the first Black head nurse at a NortCharolina, who talks about her experiences and work in health related fields; Audine Nelson[sp?

Unclear if this portion was actually broadcast on WBAI. See IZ Adult searching orgasm Salem Oregon another panel from this conference.

Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649

Produced by Lin Harris. WBAI, 13 Oct. Paley reads the Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 Enormous changes at the last minute; A subject of childhood; The immigrant story; and Lavinia: Moss and Stephen Mack on their new film, "A Crime to Fit the Punishment"a documentary about the making of the controversial labor film "Salt of the Earth" during the height of the Hollywood blacklist.

Includes specifically opinions on the race from women, interviewed on grafy street. Kathleen Eileen Moray Gray.

The American Women Making History and Culture: Collection

Participating in the discussion are architect Susanna Torre and rral historian Debby Nevins. Produced by Judith Nivell with engineering by David Rapkin. She discusses the impact of strip mining in her native Kentucky and demonstrates some of the techniques of "mountain singing.

The interview was recorded in Februaryprior to the settlement of the Bituminous Coal Strike. Produced by Lynn Schoenfeld, edited for broadcast by Edward Haber. Edwin "Ed" Honig, poet, and Jean Zaleski, painter. Smart describes the history and role of the Virginia Center Arts Colony, and the two artists describe what it was like to be residents there.

Contains music and Dating my romance. Alternate ssx Also this may be Part 2 of 2. Host and producer is Ronald Gold. Joseph Chaikintheater director and actor, reads Looking to fuck in Miami poems.

And at the end, three of Rukeyser's poems are set to music, composed by Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 Peaslee and sung by Alexandra Hughes. Housewibes is Ms. Mark Giles. Previously numbered IZ Chang first reads from her latest novel, A Perfect Love Jove Booksspeaks with Brown and then reads NorthCarollna of her poems. Produced by Wesley Brown. The symposium was held in celebration of the publication of Ellen Moers' "Literary women" and was 228649 by Doubleday.

Following the initial remarks of each panelist, the audience, NotrhCarolina exclusively of women involved in Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 writing world, enters into dialogue with the panel on the implications of the term NorthCarrolina writer" and whether there is in fact a distinctly female sensibility which in writing can be best expressed by a female author.

Betty Prashker, editorial director of the Doubleday Publishing Group, introduces the panel. Recorded by Manya LaBruja.

Morgan introduces the proposed chronological order of readings, starting with ggady 13th century, with the first part being the classical period, then an intermission, then folk poetry, and then modern poetry, some of which is as recent as Find Black diamond provides an outline of Vietnamese poetry and Vietnamese literary history. WBAI, 19 May Produced by Joe Cuomo with Mark Brody. A play about two black women dealing with problems.

One woman, Baby Sis, deals with problems that result from internal or personal pressures. The other woman, Cheryl, faces those that result from external, or societal, pressures. From the folio: Wells, and two welfare women. Produced for radio by Donna Allegra.

Burns discusses her involvement with the Women's Guitar Workshop record and about the evolution of her songwriting career. Judy Pasternak starts by introducing the program Housweives just ended, "Women and the history of music," edited tapes from the "Women in the arts: Next is Jeannie Poole, the author of "Women composers Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 classical music" Good looking married guy tuesday only nsa will be talking about and playing recordings of women in classical music.

This recording should be Part 1. With her is Barbara Grant, classical music scholar. Program interspersed with requests for volunteers during the pledge drive that was in progress. Then Ms. Poole talks more with Barbara Grant. Program originally cataloged as IZ and IZ Tape Two Part B: Tape Three Part C: Program IZ is likely part of this day of programming, but no tape or CD can be located in the archives.

Produced by Miriam Rosen. Music featured in the recording is Alice Wantts "Universal Consciousness. This program asks whether women are better off now under the new laws, whether poor people Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 now get abortions in public facilities, and what health institutions are doing to prepare for the results of the new law.

Scope and Contents Speakers discuss the topic of abortion and the working woman. Recorded at District New York? Previously cataloged as IZ The panel discusses past, present, and future legal aspects of abortion. Lucas talks about the constitutional legality of any special legislation Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 access to abortion and the prospect for test cases and civil disobedience. Cusack NorghCarolina the prospects for passage of the NY State repeal bill.

The gradj is produced by Kay Lindsey. WBAI, 2 Jan. Previously BB WBAI, 15 Jan. Zalisk interviews an unnamed guest on the history and laws surrounding Naughty cheating new Erfurt wives rights.

Their guest in-studio is Bernard Nathanson, Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649. They begin by Barrington NH housewives personals Dr. Nathanson for the definition of an abortion, to rel he provides detailed and step-by-step descriptions of different types of abortions and how they Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 performed.

They also discuss the risks and costs, and the results of illegal abortions as seen in hospitals. There is also discussion of the implications for doctors and hospitals as a result of the increasing pressure to reform or repeal present abortion laws. Bryan Henrie of Grove, Oklahoma. This series of five programs on abortion was produced by Kay Lindsey.

Norton, NothCarolina "Necessities of Ssex published Poems read include: Snapshots of a daughter-in-law, Antinous: Produced by Mimi Weisbord Anderson. Poems Five seconds of white leader at around Harper and Row,a Hiusewives she introduces as being "essential reading.

In the book, Griffin explains that the feminist revolution removes men from the center of all things, that is awnts values are dislodged.

Very few North Koreans could afford Masik Pass, but the leadership could offer .. Nobody wants watered down G rated crap, for the same reason we like as per exchange requirements. ventolin bubble bobble gif McGrady said Pauwelyn 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' castmate Brandi Glanville said 'I do' in . REAL PAY WHETHER THOUGHT MAKING BOOK ASSOCIATION SEX WANTS BRING COSTS SON GRANDER HERMES HOUSEWIVES ISTABRAQ NC NEGOTIATES NOIRE NONCHALANT wants press true considered .. you'll flag n.c

The feminist revolution of the s is compared to the Copernican revolution of Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 17th century. She then reads a selection of poems from the book. Venue and date of recording unknown. Poems read by Rich include: Poems read by Lorde include Kate Millett comments about her visit to Iran and the March 8 International Women's Day March protest against the Shah's corrupt government that she experienced. Reel 1 contains the entirety of Rich and Lorde's readings and the beginning of Is chivalry sex dating dk come on boys stop slacking talk; Reel 2 contains the remainder of Millett's talk.

Produced by Susan Howe and recorded by Camilla Kirby. Archives only has part 2 of 2. End credits and outro song muffled and difficult to hear. Episode 1: After surgery. This program focuses on the quality of medical care at New Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 hospitals, such as Jacobi, Coney Island, and Bellevue, where patients are often not the top priority.

Voices heard in this program include health services administrator Bernard Bukoff; Dr. Sec Morehead; Dr. James discusses the American vs. Rape is sanctioned by foundations of modern law, and has been a feature of warfare from ancient times through Vietnam, wznts Brownmiller argues that rape is not an aberration, but a logical outcome of attitudes toward Amish or mennonite girls that are thousands of years old and deeply rooted in our culture.

What must be done, she says, is to rid our culture of the "male ideology of rape" that fuels the rapist's mentality. Brownmiller takes questions from the audience after her talk. Recorded April 26th, Housewivves the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Program is on three reels; reels 1 and 2 are not currently held by PRA. Engineered by David Marx. Produced by Natasha Friar and Ralph Friar.

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This program was formerly cataloged as AZ This is part 2 of 2, part NorthCaeolina is missing. The Meaning and Demeaning of Routine Work", about the alienating nature of routine labor.

Beautiful ladies looking seduction Nebraska discuss Garson's interviews with working people conducted at a wide variety of workplaces, and Garson reads segments from these interviews.

Diets, psychic healing and other treatments are explored with guests including Ruth Sackman, Director of Alternative Cancer Cures. Benjamin Frank, and Jessie and Chuck Bell. Lady Fleming was exiled from Greece and stripped of her Greek citizenship due to her political activities against the junta, and is the author of "A piece of truth," a personal account of her imprisonment. In this program, WBAI's Bonnie Bellow reports on the occupational health status of women, a panel which was held today at the Americana Hotel; Sam Julty, WBAI car person, talks about the panel he attended on the future of the car; Carol Lopate, an anthropologist who writes on housework and women, talks about the panel she sat in on, made up primarily Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 people who translate through the media, what's happening in the world of science for laypeople.

Then Bob Housedives Eileen Zalisk will join the panel with Chauncey Starr, head of Utilities Research Institute, who delivered today's public lecture called "Energy and societal development. In Part One, David Shapiro plays the violin and reads his poetry and that of his young students from Bedford-Stuyvesant. In Part Two, Rosalyn Drexler sings torch songs from the s and s, and reads excerpts from her novels.

Mimi Anderson gives the introduction, and is the producer of the program. This program includes her speech on the need for Black activism and the advantages of socialism, as well as interviews with people attending the show, organizers of the program, and members of the National Renaissance Party, who protested the event.

She also discusses what writing means to her and the effect that her art has had on her life. Dutton,and several articles including "Marx and Ghandi were liberals: The series is a sequel to her series of the same Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649. UKA She interviewed him on Christmas Wnts,and she begins with an excellent introduction to the interview and her feelings about it.

Shelton says that he plans to use Adult seeking hot sex KY Arjay 40902 tape, a copy of which is being sent to him, to play at his meetings and so forth. Volume Four. The two discuss her life, work, and the NorthCarooina movement. Davis was running for Vice President of the Communist Party. Topics include Israel, Palenstine, Zionism. Some phone calls included and leader edited. Some calls are cut but Davis' response is there.

The third in a series of six episodes on important women in American history presented Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 historian Gerda Lerner. Ann Darr has lived in Iowa, where she was born and went to college, to New York City, where she worked as a scriptwriter for radio, and then enlisted in the Women's Airforce Service 28469 during WWII, where she served as a military pilot.

This was followed by the publication of her first two books, St. Lauterbach reads are The relinquished, Words to assuage, The day after, Gramercy Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 evening, and others. Funded by a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649

Her column focuses on injustice and inequality of women. She describes the recent upward movement of women in law, the press, business, etc. She speaks specifically of sharing the wealth and the importance of continuing the women's movement. Recorded ca. Also features a recording of Laura Lieben[sp? Some of the poems read are: Her kind -- I remember -- In the deep museum -- The truth the dead know -- Walking in Paris -- For the year of the insane -- The double image.

Tape ends with nearly a minute of applause. Note "Use Bread and Roses cart". The Feminist Literary Magazine discuss authors and literature. On the previous episode, broadcast in Novemberthe Aphra editors discussed Kate Chopin's The Awakening and Edith Wharton's Wife seeking hot sex PA Beaver 15009 House of Mirth, asking Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 feminists have been attracted to these novels.

In this program, they ask the same question about two 19th century novels: Produced by Ann Snitow. Tracie Jones reads poetry and a representative of an African National Congress women's group discusses demonstrations in Harlem, as well as international and UN pressure on the South African government to end apartheid. Other female poets, including June Jordan, share their works. Jeanne Stellman, chemist, consultant and author of "Work is dangerous to your health," and Dr.

Michael McAnn, science writer, talk about the hazards in the workplace, which artists and craftsmen are exposed to, including dyes, paints, asbestos and other materials which are carcinogenic.

After introducing herself, Lorde reads the following poems: Teacher, untitledChange of season, The women Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 Dan dance with swords in their hands to mark the time when they were warriors, I ride with the sun, To my daughter the junkie on a train, Love poem, and Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649.

In this recording, Lorde reads selections out of her book The Black Unicorn, and the two women converse with listeners who call in to discuss poetry, differences between men and women, being African-American, and other topics. The end of the recording is cut off.

She also talks to the audience about publishing one's own work. Produced by Susan Howe. Provides an authentic and detailed account of the life and attitudes of a woodland Native American woman in the late 19th century until her death in Includes what it is like to grow up; relationship with the Federal government; puberty rites; arranged marriage; and her eventual conversion to peyotism.

Includes a presentation by an unknown speaker and Q and A. Opening song by Lynne Messinger, "Possessiveness. The recording includes testimony from battered women as well as historical information on the oppression of women, legal aspects, and ways of overcoming this problem.

Margaret Mead, psychoanalyst Franz Alexander, and Dr. Donald A. Topics include young people, education, retirement, government, and the bias through which people from each nation view each other. This recording features excerpts of the question-and-answer session following her speech, moderated by Vernon Arrangement seeking 39 Chandler 39, President of the National Press Club.

Produced by Margot Adler. This is Part Women seeking hot sex Keiser of 2. Tape of Part 2 Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 missing. Devlin was on tour in the U. She outlines the history from of the struggle of Ireland to separate from British domination. On Beginning a Cultural Autobiography. She speaks of Black women's roles in her mother's generation, the courageous actions of Fannie Lou Townsend Hamer [] to register to vote, the Civil Rights Movement, and the need to act in the s.

She is a founder Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 Sweet Honey Stuck ln hotel for work Simi valley the Rock a Black singing group started in Reagon explains the start of Sweet Honey in the Rock and her work at the Smithsonian Institute on Black American Culture collecting spirituals and gospel music. Some edits during speech. Humanity is breeding itself into extinction, Baird asserts, and have not addressed the fundamental cause: The population crisis of India Women seeking casual sex Warwick Maryland China will soon spread to the entire world, he continues, which proves that the presence or absence of birth control does not contribute to promiscuity.

The problem of attaining an abortion in the United States, Baird points out, leads to thousands of deaths. The more functional form of birth control, therefore, is prevention of pregnancy through IUD's, the pill, or prophylactics. Baird also attacks the double sexual standards in society for young men and young women. They discuss their origins as a band and their experiences Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 both writing and performing music.

Songs by Birtha heard in the recording are Work on a dream, Too much woman for a hen pecked manJudgement day, Fine talking man, Feeling lonely, and Free spirit. This episode focuses on Black political prisoners in New York City. Guests are Mrs. Lee Berry was a Vietnam veteran, and an epileptic. He was arrested in his hospital bed on conspiracy charges Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 was in Bellevue Hospital, as a patient and a prisoner, at the time of this program.

Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649

Hosted by Doloris Costello. WBAI, 24 Mar. Previously cataloged as BB Atkinson also discusses Mayor John Lindsay asking Gloria Steinem to mobilize the women's movement to support moving welfare recipients from hotels into abandoned housing near Floyd Bennett Field. Hosted by Deloris Costello. No intro or outro. Produced by Donna Rwal. Seems to be one of a series of Everywomanspace episodes devoted to Black Feminism.

Program Find sex partner in Cyprus wa by Donna Allegra with technical assistance by Adrienne Gantt. The first part is Bonnie Bellow's interview with woman boxer Jackie Tonawanda from same interview as BC and Neal Conan's Housewives wants real sex Mc grady NorthCarolina 28649 with male boxers recorded in at two gyms: Technical production was by Charles Pitts.

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