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I do remember reading something he'd written about growing up in DM, but it sounded like the spiel of any disaffected surburban youth Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA any small city in the U. Is there any more specific reasons locals are so ready to boil him in oil? He must have been a crazy man when they won last fall. I think I've mentioned it before, but does anyone have any memories of the library? I remember that the library used to be right in the municipal building downtown.

I also remember getting to walk to the "new" library from Holy Name one day a week after lunch. I loved doing Beautiful couples wants group sex Paterson I remember reading all of the litlte house on the prairie books by third grade, and how some girls took out a serioes of Perry Mason books just to be cool.

Julia, I have Bridgeport swingers Bridgeport of the "library". It was housed in the north side of a wood frame building located on the east side of Main Street, I believe next to the blacksmith shop.

As I recall the building also was the fire hall. The young fellows were, unfortunately, ahead of the Little House on the Prairie books, but we had paperback books at the library that featured little boxed drawings in the corner of the page; when you flipped the pages fast enough you created an action auatomation that resembled a movie. What would they think of next? But that was back in the days when the Swimming Pool was known as the Sandpit, and was located about three miles southeast of Marcus.

To reflect, Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA fortunate Marcus was to have been the home to the Gund family. Ethel Gund, to my knowledge, left the funds for building the new library after her untimely death aboard a commercial airliner, when some deranged passenger exploaded a bomb in flight Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA rural Indiana.

A bomb?

Over Indiana? Now these are the details I never heard about Bless the Gunds, but who knew? I think I remember going to an auction at the Gund family house in town when I was young, but that is the only connection I ever had to the Branxton girls looking for fuck. Here's an official account of the accident from http: Part 1 Part 2.

I did some Internet searching Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA the Tell City crash and was going to reveal it was structural failure instead of a "mad bomber", but Baritone Bob beat me to it.

However, it said in one of the stories that two diamond rings were recovered from the site. There was no mention of ownership, but I am almost certain it was made known at the time that these two very valuable rings were returned to the Gund estate. Baritone Bob and Margaret, I stand corrected. Julia, my apologies; I should have included the disclaimer that my information on the incident dated back to the popular theory at the time of the crash.

I have never Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA exposed to the official investigation findings due to my long absence from Marcus. That is a fine example of bad reporting. I am sure the airline and manufacturer prefered the bomb theory. There is a memorial in the middle of a farm field where the plane crashed.

Another positive is that I was not sure, previously, that anyone read what I wrote. My cousin Roger Rae and I raised pigeons, and sold squabs to the Gunds as a delicacy.

Wanting Couples Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA

Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA We ussed the money from the sales to buy exotic pigeons from a farmer at Cleghorn. Such is life; we spent our youth looking for ways to collect pigeons and our old age searching for ways to get rid of them. I raised pigeons as Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA kid, too. I'm not sure why, looking back on it, but my mom and dad let me have Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA pigeons.

I'm at a stage in my life now where I look at a pigeon and think "flying rat" Looking for gangbang adult womens Nourani histoplasmosis. I appreciated your comment about perspective and age.

At the time, Thick girl with booty, it was a great feeling to take a bunch of them 30 or 40 miles away from Marcus and have them sexx beat us home.

Iow experience and Lassie being able to find Timmy, across all those miles, always left me wondering? I had your cousin Roger Rae on my mind when I sent the Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA post.

I intended that it be addressed to you. Not a problem Fred. I respond to almost any term of address. AMrcus the way, I met a gentleman at our last homeowners association meeting who served with Adult want casual sex IA Salix 51052 on the West Des Moines school board.

His name, George Brehm. He apparently was in the bowling supply business. He came with Ioowa request for support of a project xex residents of our community. As a director in the association I did not feel I could approve that support, so I made a point to visit with him after the meeting Newark Delaware sex girls clarify my reasoning.

It was at that time I learned of his West Des Moines background. Inasmuch as I lived on Lincoln Drive along the pretty, but infamous, Walnut Will fuck you for potugly girls Poplar Bluff in Clive, we found ground for visiting on other ib.

He has been a "Snow Bird" until moving to the Valley a year ago. Ah, George and Darlene Bradner. George served mostly before my time. He was appointed one or two times later to fill out the balance of a departing board member's term.

One guy was transferred overseas by Pioneer and the other got transferred to North Carolina. I served briefly with George on those occasions. Great guy. Tell him hi for me the next time you run into him.

Tell him that you understand he and his wife caused quite a stir one year at the "Oldies Show" at the Iowa State Fair - being the first to get up and snake around the crowd, dancing to Little Eva's "Locomotion". He and Darlene started what turned into many, many people grabbing on and following them around the audience. The crowd loved it.

I don't know if Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA even knows this, but the Chicago author, Bob Greene, later wrote in one of his books about attending the Iowa State Fair that very night, being in the audience and watching people get up and move when "Not-So-Little Eva-Anymore" came on stage. It was George and Darlene who started it all. Don't tell him I told you about it, just ask him if it's true. It'll drive him crazy trying to figure out how you know.

Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA, on another small world note - I live in Clive near Lincoln. What hundred block did you live on? We may have been neighbors at one point and not been aware. I live near AI intersection of Lincoln and st Street. There is a history of the many locations of the Marcus Library in the Centenial book, but I can't find my copy of it. As I recall, some ladies of a literary bent started a "loaning" library by lending books from their collection soon after the town was born.

After much urging, the village fathers were persuaded to set aside some public Blac for it--probably in the early part of the Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA century. The first one I remember was above the hardware or furniture store in the middle of the west side of Main street. In the '30s it was dark, dusty, and smelled wonderfully of books. I worked my way through all of "The Wizard Of Oz" Kansas horney wife there.

It was great fun to sec the cards that listed who had checked a book out before you. You sorta felt you were particpating in history. When the new Municpal Building was constructed inthe library was moved there.

It was clean, modern, and well-lit, but the new location diminished that wonderful smell. Anna Mossman, the gracious librarian then, was a good friend of my mother and watched my reading habits closly. During our weekly visits, I would arrive at her desk, with 6 or 7 books to check out. She would put some aside with a quiet--but firm, "I don't think you'd like this one" comment.

Many of the books she put aside were by Jack London and Ernest Hemingway, whom I had discovered had written some sexy scenes. So, thwarted at that Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA, I was forced into discovering the new paperbacks in the rack at Fred Knox's Place. With splashy, colorful covers, featuring damsels in distress, they were the original bodice-ripper, historical novels.

I learned a lot of history while enjoying the somewhat risque parts. And the publishers were also reissueing some of the classics by Faulkner and Steinbeck in the new small "pocketbook" format--with equally Girls looking for sex Batesford covers. While they say "you can't judge a book by its cover," those covers introduced me to a lot of good literature. And the new marvels were available for only 25 cents!

Life was good. On one occassion my much older sister saw me reading my latest purchase--a translation of "Nana" by Emile Zola. She held up the book--the story of a Parisian prostitute, with its provocative cover--at dinner that night, asking my Marcue to prohibit me from reading such stories.

My dad glanced up, looked at the book and dismissed the suggestion by saying "No one has ever been ruined by a book. Did you ever have a mile day bird? I had one while raising and racing pigeons growing up in Marcus. Bob Jones is now one of the premiere racing pigeon individuals in the country!!! Homing Pigeons are amazing animals.

Denny's wife was a teacher in Marcus at one time by the name of Eleanor? Jack Clarkson We start out against "texas Our ace "Mark McCormick" is on Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA mound for us aginst "tu. Louis Cardinals BTW! Mark comes out of Clear Creek High School Roger Clemons Roger Clemons was my dad's favorite as he watched him pitch while he was at "tu" and could tell then the kid could throw some nasty stuff!!!!

I discovered this site after reading the article in the Des Moines register. I lived Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA Marcus from until and have enjoyed reading the comments regarding anything that Adult want hot sex South Bloomfield during those years. I want to thank the person who posted the picture of the Marcus fire department of -- my Dad, Boots, was in the back row and that was a GREAT picture.

I have quite a few pictures that I will eventually dig out and scan in. I think people may enjoy them. Thanks again to the person who posted that picture. Brenda, that was me that posted the pics. You are more than welcome.

I'd love to see any old pics you have from Marcus. I will continue to scan and post old and new pics from Marcus as I find them and scan them into my computer. If there is anyone out there that has photos they would like to share but aren't sure how to do it you can send them to me and I will scan them for you and return them to you with loving care.

If interested you can contact me via email at sons7 aol. We lived at Lincoln, so we were probably five minutes apart. Perhaps you knew Steve and Michele Duwelius Whitty. Michele's dad and I worked for the same company Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA a lifetime.

He and his wife both graduated from Drake with me. About george Bradner, our residents are required to sign in prior to meeting time if they wish to speak on Sex clubs Annapolis agenda or non-agenda topic. When George got up to speak I understood him to say he was George Brandon. I asked the director seated beside me what he had recorded for a name, and he said George Brandel.

It would appear our association is in trouble as the directors can't hear Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA the General Manager can't read.

Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA desperately hope the problem is that George is a poor penman who speaks with a lisp. Never had a mile a day pigeon, but I did havve an acquaintance with a white pigeon tht took up residence on the outside window sill of my daughter's bedroom window.

Women Seeking Casual Sex Plum City

He, or she, would sit in the window and stare at my daughter while she was in bed. My Women looking sex Denton Kansas was in elementary Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA, and when she went to school in the morning the pigeon would fly and dive at her.

By evening the bird would be perched back at the window and staring. I don't know how the bird felt about all of this, but my daughter was beside herself and convinced the feathery creaature was possessed by some demon force that was out to get her. One evening I took my flashlight and captured the demon by shining the light in it's eyes. I placed the bird in a plain brown paper sack.

Anyway, I transported the culprit five miles south of town where I deposited the sack in a ditch along a dirt road. When I got back to town the dirty bird was perched in the window staring at my terrified daughter. I captured the intruder one last time, but there my story must end for I do not know what the statutes of limitation are in Iowa, or if any of Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA Humane Society people are still alive.

I just want to thank Bob Reed once again for starting this blog site. I have learned more interesting trivia about my hometown than I thought possible and laughed a bunch when I read post like Earl Rae's "pigeon caper. Great pigeon story, Earl. And yes, Steve and Michele are in a dinner group we dex to here in Des Moines. My wife and No 94565 sex chat but 69 know them very well.

Before they moved to D. Once they gir, they moved to another neighborhood, Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA kids went to the Catholic H.

Looking Cock Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA

We still get together about once every 6 weeks or so. I've been with Michele's parents on several occasions. They are both gems. I presume her dad was a great guy to work AI. Was it Farmers Mutual Blak This blog makes my world smaller by the minute I happened to stumble across this blog today and couldn't stop reading!

Am actually going to bike from Vermillion, South Dakota, where i live now, back to Marcus tomorrow. Also was surprised and Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA to Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA the "pigeon" postings as Carlyle Peterson was my grandfather gilr Bob Jones, who is also mentioned is my uncle. This is a great site and i'll be checking back often. Thanks so much to those who are keeping it active!

My mother-in-law from Denison sent us the article from the Des Moines paper. I now live in Nisswa, MN. I too have enjoyed reading all the stories and memories different people have sent in. My parents Clyde and Hazel Means lived on the farm just north of the elevators. Ioea too remember the old popcorn stand and the detasseling days the mud hole in the play yard behind the HN gym.

I went to St. Mary's in Remsen in after grade school in Marcus. I swear there must be something in the Gidl water that everyone can remember so many things and details. But I am glad for that or else I wouldn't have the enjoyment of sitting here and reading it. Thanks to all. Nancy Means Hunt. Joe Rainboth Now r u the magician or the artist? My mother's house is filled with a bunch of neat art work done by one of the Rainboth boys! Carlyle taught me a ton of neat things Housewives looking hot sex Wesleyville Pennsylvania 16510 homing pigeons and he and your uncle kept a bunch of IAA Marcus boys from getting into to much trouble!

Is Bob living in Onawa or Sloan Bob truly has some of the top racing pigeons in the area if not America if memory serves me correct. Julia, you are AI asking for new topics for discussion on this blog. Personally I have to vote for Tim and Tom Schlenger as having the all time great cars. Close runner ups were Rocky Fey with his souped up Chevy or Ford If the cops had nailed me that night I would be typing from the Cherokee County Jail still to this day!

Sibling rivalries Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA make you do some stupid sexx but at least I can go to my grave knowing that is one record that even Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA Schlenger boys will never break Enough for now but as you can see I prefer speed as much to reading books OIwa Dorr, OK Phil.

Free Adult Forest Hills New York

I see where Nebraska won yesterday and Baylor plays tonight. We use to go to Omaha to see the games but have not been there the last several years. When our kids were still home we would go. When Ray Robison was head trainer at Arizona State and they were in the World Series he would be there and that was a lot of fun. I know a lot of you knew Ray and what a great guy he was.

We still keep in touch with his wife Mary. She still lives in Tempe, Az. Hope the Dodgers can draft a few good ones. After seeing them play in Kansas City they need some help. The stadium in KC holds about 47, I think and there were only 16, there and Giel am guessing i third were Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA Fans.

Jack Clarkson. Good topic, Phil! Funny about cars I'm so bad Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA knowing the makes and models I Ioa that Dave Schreier had a Japanese women fun sex fuck green something or other that was jacked up so very high and you could hear it from a mile away out in the country.

It seems I could pick out a few different cars that were prowling the country roads in the summer when the windows were open and sound carried. It seems Novas and Monte Carlos were the car of choice in the 70s. Of course, Mustangs and Camaros were primo, but out of reach, I suppose, for many.

I remember our travails with old bombs that were supposed to get us to school and back Blcak not much farther. I remember urging Mary Bird's car into the school parking lot I on our old Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA Air dying between our house and Bird's on a freezing cold Marcjs after a basketball game.

We weren't dressed to walk home in that cold, so I honked the horn until someone must have heard it and we were rescued. Bllack remember going to the Exorcist or something like Ioww with Pat and Steve Snyder against the wishes of our parents and when Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA came home that night the car simply stopped on a Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA road on the way home -- no lights, nothing.

We thought it was the Mqrcus of God meting out Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA judgment. After a few minutes of Ilwa terror, the car started right up.

Once Bruce had to creep through a horrible snowstorm and we finally got to Storm Lake and stopped for the night at BV. Bruce and I still reminisce about those car rides. I know cars are important to teens out here too, but cars have a whole different culture in the Midwest I guess kids still prove themselves by driving fast or pulling crazy stunts out here too, but maybe it's just not as accessible or cars are too expensive to mess up or insurance is too high.

Whatever, I probably spent much of my teen-age life driving Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA and forth to somewhere to do something with someone or just wasting endless tanks of gas tooling around town. The old cars that got us around are rusting away, but the memories last forever. Phil, Just so you know, Tom Schlenger had a black Ford in the fall of but shortly thereafter was driving a new AI Road Runner.

The stock Road Dex was a beautiful blue almost turqouise colorbut was soon transformed into a black beast that could outrun everything around. I suspect this is the car that you remember. Kevin Flanagan. Hi kevin and Phil. Tim Schlenger had a navy blue '57 T-Bird for a while while his brother Tom was driving the Road runner.

If I remember that RR sxe up painted silver at one point. Does anyone remember Larry Hagey's '68 Charger with the custom paint? No one could miss it. I know a picture of it ended up in the LeMars Sentinel at one point. Another car a few Bpack remember was Denny Delaney's 'vette. I think it was a 64 model, it was more of a drag car, custom paint lots of laceslicks, parachute, but still Mature swingers in Netherlands Antilles licensed.

Dan Steffen. Hey Dan Steffen, who is no. Marcus Jr. High Football Keith Benton lent me that photo a couple years ago.

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I scanned it and made some reprints for Keith to hand out. He was very proud of that team. They were undefeated that year and went as you can see written on the photo. Joan Bryant, you might like this pic. This was the 6th Grade class under Karen Hadenfeldt.

She taught at the old school for a few years in Marcus. I believe this was Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA around or so. You can cut and paste the link below into your browser to view. I understand Loren Stowater passed away last Friday. Very sorry to hear Loren Stowater passed away. He was a great guy and so kind to all. My condolences to his family. Thanks for the memeory Kurt, I can barely remember the kid wearing number 31, but I do remember that it was a great deal of fun playing on that team.

I also remember a few ego ballons popping when we hit high school the next year and found out that we really were not perfect any longer.

I think that was the year that Marcus lost to Kingsley-Pierson 92 to 0. Supposedly made the national news. I think the whole teen dating thing has changed in the past generation or so. Group dating or "hanging out" somewhere with a mixed set of friends seems to be more the case then it used Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA be. Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA that sense cars may not be as central to all of that as they once were.

There are still lots of spots, though, not exclusive to the midwest, where cars are king. Nascar is huge Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA getting bigger - most everywhere now. My assistant at work, and her crew, go a couple times a year to the new Kansas Speedway or Darlington.

Newton, Iowa is now getting a track. It started, of course, in the North Carolina and Georgia backwoods where the Pettys and Ernhardts of those generations were running to keep their "white lightning" from "revenuers". Latino kids still "low-ride" all over southern California and from Montana to Texas, kids and fast pickups are everywhere.

One of the most popular shows on cable last year was "Pimp My Ride" - a show about detailing or "tricking out" as we used to call it a car, pickup or van for some teen or early 20's age kid. If it wasn't cars and trucks, it was motorcycles. If I remember right, Chuck Yeager West Virginia injured his ribs - fell off a horse he was racing - just a few nights before he crawled into an underwing craft and broke Wanting no strings dating fun sound barrier.

My favorite story about small Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA Iowa kids and speed, relates to a friend of mine here in Des Moines. Her brother - who the local teachers weren't sure would ever amount to much - grew up in and around farms and small towns near Blue Grass, Iowa. It's a town about the size of Marcus. Sex Dating AZ Tucson 85711 ended up, after college in Iowa City, in the Air Force.

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Turns out Beautiful lady searching casual encounter Phoenix did okay after all - flew in the first wave into Baghdad during Gulf War I and later a test pilot for the newest and fastest "X-planes" at Edwards Air Force base in Nevada.

He's now retired and "drives a bus" I think for FedEx in and out of Memphis, although he is back living and farming near Davenport. Driving those pickups fast and running those tractors around, combined with that sense of personal responsibility and reliance on yourself, which farm and small town life instills, is precisely what forges that Hot housewives want casual sex Rockville Maryland of person.

And these stories are legion. There are lots of Blak kinds of kids that come out of rural America. Marucs a heritage which is underappreciated, not often even recognized, but very real. When I Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA my friends that my dad stuck me up on a little Ford tractor when I was barely strong enough I hold the foot clutch down, they are shocked. Being apprehensive about taking a drivers test at 16 - ha, most of us had been driving for several years before that ever happened.

All part of that experience many of us had growing up like we did. My kids have grown up "fast" in a sense different from me. They know about drugs, sex, varying lifestyles and diseases in a way I didn't until much later in life.

On the other hand, I grew up much "faster" than they did when it came to driving, working, figuring things out on my own, and being independent, for example. Not their "fault". It simply is not as easy or as safe to let your kids grow up now, as we did earlier. We took off and ran all over town. Nobody locked cars or houses.

Many people looked after the children of other's. Hard to do now. The standards aren't the same. The behaviors of adults and other kids, is oftentimes significantly different than sxe experienced. Kids and cars - still around lots of places. Many times newer and nicer than we had,if we had them, and oftentimes used differently - but still very much a part of the landscape.

In "Top Gun" Tom Cruise called it a "need for speed". It's still very real for lots of kids. Scary for parents - yes. No longer out there - no. The only difference I see is that Miracle KY bi horney housewifes young girls are drawn to it now. All the attention given the competitive female driver in the Indy this year will soon be the norm. There are IIA daring, cat-reflex quick and competitive young women out there looking for their shot.

That loss to Kingsley-Pierson was the first game of the season in coach Harry Kitts' last year at Ib, the same year ib your junior high team was undefeated.

Bruce Letner became Marcus' high school coach in And a few years later, Letner's team beat Anthon-Oto with the A-O team walking off the field with 4: That game might not have made national news, but it did make the Omaha paper. I gkrl have been in that Jr.

High football picture, but at the last minute my mother changed her mind and didn't allow me to transfer from Holy Name that year. I don't think I ever forgave her for that. The published Comments about the Marcus swimming pool brings to mind my pre-pool experience. We were bussed to Cherokee's sping lake for swimming lessons. I packed a towel and Holloway sucker probably swiped from Clarkson's Grocery candy counter I recall the challange of swimming from the end of the Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA to a raft stationed about 40'.

Srx I Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA to swim this was questionable I was allowed to swim to the raft which was a great milestone. But little did I know, the big guys had a rule. You had to dive down about 12' and bring up a hand full of lake bottom mud. I remember fear, let alone putting my hand in lake Hung and horny college guy mud.

At 62 I still swim 3 days a week. Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA you Marcus. Oooohhh, I was at the Anthon-Oto game Quite a night!!! Interesting comments about cars and Ipwa need for speed, Fred. The season has already started at Blaack Seekonk Speedway, our local Nascar hotspot, just down Rte. Then after that, there are more regulations about who she can have in the car with Lookin a 4 local fwb or nsa and when.

That's what's different out here, that age delay -- which seems to keep creeping up every legislative session with more rules. I know my sister Nancy's children Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA in W. Des Moines had their permits and licenses long before my oldest did. And she was fuming! By the time I was a freshman I was getting rides from other older kids mostly Bird kids and I remember taking classes for my permit between freshman and sophomore year.

Kim Alesch was the first in my class to get her license and she was driving a car load of girls around by November of sophomore year! I teach juniors and most of them are just getting their MA licenses in the spring, so it's quite different out here. The parking lot starts filling up then with junior and senior cars, but no one else can drive, and we have a long line of parents dropping off kids in the morning students have to Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA Woman pussy in Ali Sheri ride buses in our school district now.

So, instead, I have been and still am the chauffeur for my girls and their friends way into their high school Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA. I liked your comments about how children are "older" today in different ways than we were. Totally agree. Some days when I feel like I'm the only mom home to drive you know those school teachers and their summers off I wish Emily could just take the car and go I guess swimming was off limits by the time I Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA going over there to feed the ducks.

Did anyone ever go to any other lakes around the area? How about Paullina? I guess because we lived north of town, we went there a lot to go fishing and to swim. Nice little place. And Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA there was the grand old lady: When dad hadn't planned any major road trips New York, Colorado or the Great Iowa Ancester tour with five or six kids in tow, we spent several days at a rented cottage on the lake.

Always a great time. Too young for the Roof Garden, but does anyone remember the Fun House? I remember burns on the slide and getting slammed around in the monkey barrel. Retail employee. I'm introverted, typiy preferring Beautiful housewives seeking dating Lincoln Nebraska conversations versus that of a large group I tend kn be selective of who I befriend.

I enjoy the silence quiet as I find it relaxing, I like natural sounds waves, wind etc. I'm not huge on parties or clubbing, but I do enjoy going out. I like concerts I'm past over due going to one I have my own car. I enjoy stargazing weather it be looking for shooting stars or other objects in the sky. I like camping, hiking, biking.

I like the marine life. I'm Slutty chicks in timmins ontario huge softy for especially dogs, I have a good connection with dogs as they read my and sometimes cuddle up next to me instead of their actual owner You will not see me in high heels or with a coach bag although I do have a taste for fashion also I find it necessary to wear only occasionally I love perfume.

My favorite are comedy,romantic, chick flicks and I've recently gained an interest for sci-fci. I also have a interest in anything dark and gruesome not to mention my b-day is the same as author king.

I enjoy reading specifiy self-help books or British lit books top 3 British lit favs are: I drink beer once or twice a month with new castle being my biggest preference I'm not okay with other so if you're into other stuff please do Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA bother.

I like And I am adapting to a new vegetarian lifestyle been shopping at whole foods more often lol. I tend to Augusta teen sex contacts bridge things too much, sometimes it's good sometimes not so much Wanting to find that right women to have some fun with. Want to be used. I am real and very ready. I need a cock to Black girl sex in Marcus Iowa IA and fuck. I want to suck you dry then ride your cock until you blow again.

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