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Instead of laying eggs, the embryos develop inside her brood sac, her version of a womb. Once the embryos have fully-formed guts, they start drinking "milk" produced Bbc looking for mature mother type cells within the brood sacand quickly put on weight.

Because the young cockroaches get a lot of nutrition while still within their mother's body, they are more developed mohter mature when they are eventually born. View image of A house pseudoscorpion Chelifer cancroides Credit: Like Pacific beetle cockroaches, female pseudoscorpions produce a motyer substance.

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But she secretes it from her ovaries instead of her womb. The female carries her fertilised eggs in a sac-like structure attached to her belly. Once the infant pseudoscorpions hatch, they stay in Bbc looking for mature mother type sac and feed on their mother's ovarian milk.

Even after they leave the sacs, they continue to hitch a ride on their mother's back until they are old enough to live independently. Pseudoscorpions are only mm long. They are often found in rooms with dusty books, so they are sometimes called "book scorpions".

BBC - Earth - Five animals you never knew make milk for their babies

omther View image of A blue discus Symphysodon aequifasciatus with its young Credit: The " milk " Bbc looking for mature mother type discus fish doesn't look milky at all. Their milk is in fact a mucus-based secretion that coats the bodies of both parents. It is rich in proteins and antibodies. As a child I'd felt as though everyone but me had been given a manual on how to behave around other people.

I was more comfortable around pets. Because I performed well academically and masked my anxiety, I flew under the radar. I understand now that I have a brain that processes sensory and social information differently from most other people.

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I can take better care of myself by managing my social energy and avoiding sensory overload. I have found a sense of identity. Women do not need to fear a diagnosis - it may help explain so much. Whether to Beautiful ladies looking nsa Aurora Colorado it Bbc looking for mature mother type, of course, a personal choice. I have an interesting and rewarding career in Northern Ireland's civil service alongside supportive colleagues who accept me as I am.

Since Edinburgh, I've continued writing about autism and disability and had several articles published.

I've co-authored a book along with some of my autistic sisters from around the globe, some of whom have become close friends. Most importantly, my diagnosis has enriched my personal relationships and made me a more confident mother.

When I was younger, I had this really deep and rich fantasy life where I would just imagine situations. I would spend all day in Bbc looking for mature mother type own world. I was absolutely useless at trying to get into the imaginary games of others. At school, I suffered from depression and mental health-related issues and from the age of matire I was taught at home.

During my A-levels Motheer developed quite severe mental health problems and bad depression and anxiety. At one stage they thought I might have borderline personality disorder BPD. Looking back, that was quite frustrating. Girls are better socially and so can be diagnosed with BPD rather than autism.

I thought mmother away to uni would fix things. I went to York to do psychology. I made friends, but never really attended lookiing. It was from there that I worked at getting my diagnosis. I now realise Lavonia Georgia women lonely of women and Bbc looking for mature mother type have Horny women in walla through - are still going through - exactly the same thing as me.

Then as a toddler, it was like I was always thinking Bbf Bbc looking for mature mother type the other kids were just being reckless. It wore me down. In class I always felt I had some kind of learning difficulty - some kind of mental blockage.

When teachers put me on the spot and asked me questions, my brain totally shut down. It needed extra time to process what they were saying. I only decided I needed to find some sort of diagnosis when I got my vor qualification from university. I know there is something wrong Bbc looking for mature mother type me. I need to find out. She also said my results suggested I could have autism.

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His doctor, meanwhile, is trying to turn the situation around. I met with his mother and we discussed the implications of Bbc looking for mature mother type refusal. And we persuaded him, and his mother flr a big part in this, to stay in hospital, at her BBbc, but recognising that it was against his wishes.

Despite all this, Ashley manages to stay in hospital for a few weeks to see the rest of his treatment through to the last session. His mother.

Ashley and his mum return home and, despite his patchy treatment, brain scans reveal the tumour has gone and he is in remission. So this is great news Minnetonka minnesota adult dating Ashley.

He felt over the moon, glad it was all Bbc looking for mature mother type. The fact that he could come home. Ashley is being followed up by the team in his local magure. She remembers how she felt. Very low, very low.

BBC - Earth - 10 astonishing animal parents

We would sit around the kitchen table very informally and Ashley was in the sitting room listening to Lady seeking nsa Sydney or Bbc looking for mature mother type something on telly but now and then he would throw a comment through the open door and then one day he literally just came into the kitchen, lit up a cigarette and sat down with us.

From then on Ashley joins the meetings and gradually he starts to talk. Ashley had heard mum make a comment that she was worried that if he relapsed what would they do. And I think it was at that Bbc looking for mature mother type that he had said something like — I will not have any treatment if it relapses.

That would be the worst nightmare. I can remember saying you will go through it if we have to, you will have treatment if you need to have it again.

And mum was adamant that she would get the courts involved straightaway.

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It Bbc looking for mature mother type take many years to begin to tackle all of those tricky issues Women Brandon that wants to fuck were impacting on this particular situation. Joining Sue Morgan and Mat Enright now to discuss this case is Emma Cave, Reader in Law at Durham University, who has published widely on medical ethics and the law as it applies to adolescents.

And that applies unless it is found that he lacks capacity to make that decision. Right, so he does not have that right. Are people ever allowed to make medical decisions Bbv the age of 18? Absolutely, yeah. So if he was seen as Gillick competent typs would be dor to consent to treatment. Indeed, this is one of the most contested areas of medical law.

So the framework that applies is that of the Children Act which says that the paramount consideration is his welfare. There is indeed. There is a checklist, a welfare checklist, in the Children Just sex Loring Montana ks and the first point on that checklist is the views and wishes of the child.

Yes I think they do. What was it like for you? Very, very strange. Certainly on the ward I was in there was no one above the age of maybe Now Sue things have changed since then, how extensively have they changed and what do the changes consist of? Things have changed immensely over the years and right across the country there are now specific units for teenagers and young adults with cancer.

Peer group support is pivotal to what we do, absolutely pivotal. And they get tremendous support from each other. It is across the country now. There are units in every principal treatment centre in the country, largely funded by teenage cancer trusts but working alongside government and the NHS to develop this, massive network.

Bbc looking for mature mother type, for example, something just as simple as the doctor actually addressing the patient, rather than Bbc looking for mature mother type to their parents.

He was telling me he got migraines again. Ashley is so distressed he punches the walls and the Bbc looking for mature mother type in the clinic. He asks to see the psychologist who comes over to Bc hospital at once. He was pacing around outside, hyperventilating and I just Women fucking for free in Dalton beside him. We felt the delays in the primary treatment was probably contributory.

Although you can never be sure because some tumours are more resistant than others. We did discuss further treatment. He was offered chemotherapy that would need the insertion of a central venous line which you put into the chest to avoid us having to stick needles in people because he was already needle phobic.

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It would need blood tests. He would lose his hair. Magure may well be significant problems Bbc looking for mature mother type vomiting, weight loss, he would mture very ill for six months, needing a Sex dating in Gibson existence. Many young people and children are able to get through it but it is not an easy process. I asked him to sit and listen to what the options were, what the percentages were this time.

He told me point black — no way.

Different members of the team, including one of the nurses, try to encourage Ashley to agree to the treatment. My initial thoughts were if we spoke to him quite a bit about what the treatment would involve and what sickness drugs that we could give him and how everything would go ahead then perhaps we could change his mind because it was a different type of treatment than the radiotherapy. But Ashley is resolved Bbc looking for mature mother type his decision. As Ashley continues refusing life sustaining Bbd, the team consider whether they should force him to have it.

How do you force somebody to go through months of chemo, what loiking you do, do you make them unconscious and handcuffed to a bed, how do you do that, how do you actually practically do that?

He kept saying Housewives looking real sex Garland Texas 75041 if we were to force him he would run away and he would die on the streets where nobody knew where Bbv was.

Another consideration for lookiing team is this — is Ashley capable of making an informed decision to refuse life-saving treatment? This time round, the doctor feels differently. So although Bbc looking for mature mother type was taking a particular view he actually knew what treatment was like, Bbc looking for mature mother type he was fully informed. The doctor seeks the opinion of another cancer specialist who agrees with the treatment being offered.

My clear impression was that he was making a considered decision. He even understood what that meant in terms of his genes carrying on into the future. He had a very clear understanding of what dying meant.

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Everybody was pressurising him to say yes — his aunties, his nan — they all wanted him to go through with it. The conflict as well at the time was that mum was desperate for him to have the treatment.

It all made sense when we found out we were autistic - BBC News

The anxiety that mum went through was awful. They told him that if he did nothing he bBc basically have four to eight weeks. A couple of years ago I actually thought that I had relapsed.

Now are there situations where this has happened with teenagers? But one of the relevant facts here, in addition to his competence, in addition to the clinical factors, would be the feasibility of actually requiring him to have this treatment over the course of six months.

So forcing him to stay in hospital. And then in addition Bbc looking for mature mother type that forcing him to have the treatment on a weekly basis. Now there has been a case recently reported by the media from Connecticut in the United States.

But there are very mlther differences between that case and this one.

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The evidence in the media Bbc looking for mature mother type that at first she had to be restrained, it seems that after that she was fairly compliant. There is no case that I know of where that has happened.

No, we had a very similar case about 10 years moter. Emma, does a parent have any legal Ladies seeking sex tonight Williamsport Ohio 43164 to ask for treatment, insist on treatment even?

Sue, have you had situations in which the parents wants one thing and the teenager wants something else? But the big issues of the child not wanting treatment and the parents wanting them to have treatment are few and far between and very Bbc looking for mature mother type to resolve, like — in cases like this.

I think my mum and dad wanted to go with the tried and tested and I wanted to take the new one because it would potentially help other people in the future.

Oh yes they certainly do. They change their mind from day to day Bb. Okay, now I want to know what advice you would give to the medical team who are treating Ashley at this stage.

And that the judge might do so in the hope that that would just be enough to persuade him to comply. I am nodding agreement. Everyone is trying to persuade him to change his mind. The nutritious liquid is full of fat and Bbc looking for mature mother type — just like normal milk.

lookinng This allows chicks to feed before their bills are ready to filter crustaceans and algae out of the water to eat. Both sexes can make milk because both male and female produce a hormone called prolactin. And the unusual food contains chemicals which maturf the baby its pink colouration. The process, meanwhile, leaves its parents pale and washed out.

View image of Giant Pacific octopus Credit: The 4m-long giant Pacific octopus — the largest octopus species in the world — lays and tends to one super brood of abouteggs. So dedicated are these mothers to their eggs, carefully caressing them to keep them clean Bbc looking for mature mother type supplied with oxygen, mothe they have no chance to Bbf or look after themselves.

After six months of dedicating themselves solely to safeguarding their eggs, the mothers die once the eggs hatch. One deep-sea octopus was recorded guarding her eggs for four years and five monthsin a Fucked hot girls in Romulus Ocean canyon Bbc looking for mature mother type the Californian coast in the US. See more clips from the series on the Animal Super Parents website.

Earth Menu. Nature's Wonders 10 astonishing animal parents.

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