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Australian women in Street Maryland marriage mother place s

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Increasingly, this is what what's happening in divorce courts across the country. And in many cases, maintenance is Auatralian all together, even for women who have not worked for decades.

Yes, doled. More and more, that is how courts see it, according to my friend Morghan Richardsonplade New York City family attorney.

Women win when it comes to numbers of college students, many professional degrees, and pay in some careers. The pay gap -- oft, and carelessly cited -- has more to do with the types of careers women chose lower-paying helping fields like social work and education and time off for caring for children and sick relatives -- not blatant workplace sexism. Today, three-quarters of women work, according to Labor Department statistics, and 40 percent of households have a breadwinning woman at their helm.

For the most part, women get it: Other women chose to stay home and care for their families. Mothwr is a very risky financial proposition, banking an entire household's wellbeing on a single wage earner. Completely abandoning your career also thrusts your own financial security into the hands of your husband -- despite divorce rates that have been more or less stagnant around 50 percent for decades.

In the past, these women when facing divorce could count on alimony in addition to child support, especially Maryladn her husband was a high-earner. Richardson recently had a client who was stunned to learn she was expected to return to work after having been home with her now-teenage sons for 15 years.

There are exceptions to this trend -- as there should be. When one spouse is at a severe financial disadvantage and the marriage was long, temporary maintenance is usually granted the thrust of most alimony reform phases alimony out, based on the age of each party and duration of the marriage to help one party get back on their feet financially.

Another exception is when one party dropped out of the workforce to care for a severely disabled child who will require care long after the marriage ends and the child ages out of mandated child support -- and beyond what a healthy child would require.

Read also: Nearly every state is revisiting its laws on alimony -- or "maintenance" -- in divorce cases, and the trend is Australian women in Street Maryland marriage mother place s On one hand, that was a marital decision, but on the other hand, the marriage is over," Richardson says.

I am an award-winning journalist, blogger and podcast host. News and o Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Related posts: Getting divorced but you haven't worked for 20 years? Your skills are outdated and your kids still need you at home?

Devoted yourself to supporting your husband's career? Judges could care less. Emma Johnson.

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